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FDS Portflio

FDS Portfolio


Directional Drilling

Rotary Steerable System


In the drilling industry, everyone knows that time is money, safety is crucial, and drilling cost is a key factor.
Falcon Drilling Systems understands the importance of this equation to our clients. With the Falcon RSS able to achieve: 

  • Fast Well Delivery

  • Maintain Verticality for vertical Drilling

  • On Target Well Delivery 

  • Achieve the Required DLS


Mud Motors

Falcon Drilling Systems can provide a fleet of PDMs suited for the well application and challenges, such as

  • High Temperature

  • Hard Rock applications

  • Low Flow applications

  • Shallow well applications

  • High deviated wells etc.


Measurement While Drilling

Mud Pulse Telemetry MWD System

Falcon Mud Pulse Telemetry MWD covers a wide range of flow rates from 125 GPM to 1500 GPM for different hole sections and provides reliable positive pule data transmission in fluid mediums.


EM Telemetry MWD System


Falcon EM MWD systems use Electromagnetic signal to transmit data to surface as fast as 10 times the MPT system. Customers can benefit from the fast data transmission using EM systems to save survey time -1 second survey-, increase data density for more precise data analysis, and reduce rig uptime.


Logging While Drilling



The Imaging Density Neutron Standoff Corr - iDNSC Tool provides a bulk density image along with traditional bulk density, neutron porosity and PE curves. Tool standoff and hole caliper measurements are also provided by a pair of ultrasonic transducers which can also be used to environmentally correct the neutron porosity curve.



The Array Wave Resistivity - AWR dual frequency array wave resistivity tool is a fully compensated, dual frequency (2 MHz and 500 kHz) wave propagation resistivity tool. The AWR tool also incorporates a scintillation type gamma ray measurement and a near-bit inclination

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